Cassie Hickey

Ambassador Name: Cassie Hickey
Company Name: Job World, Inc.
Position: Marketing Specialist

Areas of Expertise:
Human Resources/Sales and Marketing - At Job World, Inc, I provide customer service to both clients and employees. I reach out to new industries and companies to build relationships and help them recognize how our services can aid in increasing their profitability. Job World, Inc. helps bridge the gap for our employees to obtain full-time employment. Job World, Inc. provides long and short term staffing needs as well as comprehensive drug screening and breath alcohol testing.

Other Interests:
"My 3 children keep me pretty busy outside of work whether it is going to the park, baseball games or gymnastics. Outside of that I enjoy just about any outdoor or water activity.

"Why did you join the Chamber?"
I believe it is important to be involved in the community you work in and to give back. The chamber is always eager to help any way they can. The chamber provides great opportunities to promote and to encourage business in Obion County and gives opportunity for networking for all its' members.

"Why do you serve as an Ambassador?"
I am not originally from this area and knew that serving as an ambassador would help me be involved in the community and also be able to network with other people and businesses. It also allows me to be able to give back and provide support at events in the community. I always look forward to meeting new individuals and encouraging new business in Obion County.

"What is the Chamber's role in the business community?"
The chamber's role is to help promote Obion County and to act as a support to local businesses. The chamber is also beneficial in helping businesses network with other businesses and individuals in the community."