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Gibson Electric Membership Corporation

Ph: (731) 885-4740

Gibson Electric Membership Corporation (GEMC) is an electric cooperative that is owned by its customers and serves all of Obion County, outside of the Union City area. GEMC buys its power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

GEMC provides a variety of free services to help its commercial and industrial customers become more competitive through the efficient use of electricity. The services listed below are a few of the services tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.

  • Industrial Engineering Assessment - Determines efficient flow of material through the production process and the more effective use of labor.
  • Energy Management Surveys - Identifies opportunities that may exist for reducing energy usage.
  • Special Metering Services - Identifies electrical problems or provides consumption data for individual machines or specific areas of operation.
  • Wiring Recommendations - Sizing of electrical equipment such as transformers, SE conductors, and emergency generators.

Union City Electric

Ph: (731) 885-9212

Union City Electric serves the city of Union City and some of the surrounding areas.


The circuits serving our commercial areas have split circuits to provide a high level of reliability.

Rates are some of the lowest in the Tennessee Valley.


The system has the ability and capacity to serve most any requested load. Both industrial customers and industrial parks receive the benefit of substations adjacent to all industrial park locations. Some existing industries and future industries with adequate load levels could expect a dedicated distribution circuit for the ultimate in reliability.


The Tennessee Valley Authority serves the system with generation and transmission via a multi-line transmission system to a central point. The sub-transmission system is then taken from this point and provides loop service to the city, providing complete redundancy in case of equipment failure. The distribution system is very compact with short lines, greatly enhancing reliability. The system’s local, well-trained and experienced crews insure quick response and short outages. The management team stands ready to provide any new customers the highest degree of reliability at the lowest possible cost.


Water Supply

The City of Union City is fortunate to have an abundant supply of quality water from the Wilcox aquifer which is 600 feet in depth with a protected clay layer which is 50 feet in depth. The water plant’s treatment process consists of aeration, filtration, corrosion control, chlorination, and fluoridation. 406,350 gallons of treated water is stored at the plant clearwell.

View West Tennessee Aquifer Water Supply brochure

The plant’s three high service pumps move the water from the clearwell into Union City’s 600 miles of distribution lines and five water tanks located throughout the service area. The water tanks have a combined capacity of 2,050 million gallons. This storage is used to meet system demands and fire flow requirements.

The Union City water system meets all state and federal regulatory requirements. Laboratory tests are performed daily to insure that the highest quality water is produced for the community.

Water Availability

The plant is an iron removal plant that is fed with four deep ground wells. Pumping on average 4 MGD of water, with a design capacity of 10.2 MGD, with five overhead water towers ranging from 250,000– 500,000 gallons. A new tank will be erected in the industrial park and will have a 500,000 gallon capacity.

The chemical makeup of our finished water is as follows:

  • Ph 7.0
  • Fe (iron) 0.0ppm with our raw water being 0.5ppm
  • Alkalinity 68ppm
  • Hardness 48ppm This is considered soft water
  • Fluoride 0.7ppm
  • CL2 1.6 ppm
  • Aquadene 0.3ppm This is a corrosion inhibitor for our distribution system
  • Powdered lime is used for ph adjustment.
  • Raw Water is aerated to remove any gasses such as H2S and will start the iron oxidation process
  • Treatment also consists of fed cl2 for disinfection.

The water plant is under constant monitoring to ensure un-interrupted supply to all industries and customers.

Waste Water Treatment

A L Strub Waste Water Treatment Plant

The City WWTP maintains strict quality control over the operation ensuring that effluent meets and/or exceeds all government standards including those of the State of Tennessee and United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The Union City WWTP also takes an active interest in helping to ensure that we promote environmental stewardship as a community value and is committed to protecting and preserving the environment by maintaining regulatory compliance and educating our public.   The Union City WWTP staff is highly qualified in waste-water treatment, and is certified in waste-water treatment plant operations.

The City WWTP actively promotes water resources education and environmental awareness programs.  The City WWTP will provide speakers to schools and civic groups and provides tours of its facilities on request.


Voice and Data Services

Obion County offers business and households providers serviced by BellSouth Telephone Communications, Cinergy Communications, Ken-Tenn Wireless (VoIP), Hughesnet, and Verizon

Subscription Television

Dish and Direct TV


NW TN Regional Industrial Park

TN-21 & Future I-69 | Union City, Obion County, Tennessee

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