A qualified workforce is key to sustaining and growing your business in the Obion County region.

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Labor Force Estimates

Labor Force Estimates - United States & Tennessee - April 2024
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Labor Force Estimates for Obion County
Source: www.tnecd.com/county-profiles
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Obion County Workforce Data 2022

Obion County, TN Regional Labor Draw

  • Obion County, TN
  • Dyer County, TN
  • Gibson County, TN
  • Lake County, TN
  • Weakley County, TN
  • Fulton County, KY
  • Graves County, KY
  • Hickman County, KY

Regional Employment (2020)

Regional Population 203,426 Estimated Population 25-64 99,428 Percentage of Total Population 48.93% Obion County Population 30,183 Estimated Population 25-64 14,631 Percentage of Total Population 47.19% Regional Labor Force 86,922 Employed 84,000 Unemployed 2,922 Unemployment Rate 3.48% Obion County Labor Force 12,328 Employed 11,810 Unemployed 431 Unemployment Rate 3.5%

Community Profile

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Training Resources and Initiatives

Obion County School System Academic Opportunities:

  • AP Class, Dual Enrollment, Dual Credit Career Technical Education/Industry Certification
  • Agriculture, Health Science, Family & Consumer Science, Business & Marketing, Advanced Manufacturing/Welding, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Education and Training, Mechatronics (Fall 2019), Residential & Commercial Construction, STEM, STEM Aviation Partnerships
  • University of Tennessee at Martin, Bethel University, Dyersburg State Community College, Jackson State Community College, Middle Tennessee State University, TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology)

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OC Central High School - Food Science Program (pdf format)

OC Central High School - Aviation Program (pdf format)

OC Central High School - Mechatronics Program (pdf format)

Programs offered at the TCAT Union City Campus

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Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics

Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics TCAT Union City TNTrainees learn the fundamentals of electricity and electronics which provide the foundation for advanced training in electric motor controls, automated machine control circuits, conveyors, pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, test equipment, production equipment (electrical, electronic, and mechanical), programmable controllers, automation and robotics. In the last phase of the course, students combine all their newly acquired skills in overall systemic troubleshooting and interfacing systems. Hands-on training and safety is stressed throughout the course.

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Industrial Maintenance Mechatronics Flyer

Welding Technology

tcat union city weldingOur Welding Technology Program is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to acquire the technical knowledge and hands-on skills required for employment as a combination welder. We accomplish this task through classroom instruction and practical welding exercises carried out in an industrial shop setting. Welding Processes such as Flux Cored Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc and Shielded Metal Arc are covered in depth.

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Welding Technology Flyer

Practical Nursing

tcat union city practical nursingTCAT-Newbern offers three (3) Practical Nursing programs to better suit the needs of potential students.
- Union City Campus: 12 month daytime Practical Nursing program that begins in May every year.
- Newbern Main Campus: 12 month daytime Practical Nursing program that begins in September every year.
- Newbern Main Campus: 18 month evening & weekend Practical Nursing program tailored to working individuals. Class meets on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings AND on Saturdays. Please call 731-627-2511 to see when the next evening/weekend program begins.

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Practical Nursing Day Flyer

Tennessee's Economy

2019-2020 Reference Guide - Workforce Insights, Research, and Reporting Engine Division

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Right to Work State

A Right to Work State is generally defined as a state that does not require employees to join a Union as a condition of receiving or retaining a job.

Read the Benefits of a Right-to-Work State (pdf file)

Tennessee Work Learn Earn

Tennessee Work Learn Earn (https://tn.worklearnearn.org/) was developed in partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. The site offers tips and resources to help connect students and career-seekers with relevant education and job opportunities in our great state.


Find a job, post a résumé, setup a virtual recruiter, and get hired. Jobs4TN also allows employers to post jobs and view résumés of potential recruits with ease.


Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Employers can find the following articles in this section: staffing, tax and insurance, and safety and regulations. Labor/Workforce Contacts.

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Labor/Workforce Contacts

Northwest Tennessee American Job Center    

Ph:(731) 884-3868

Northwest Tennessee Workforce Board

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Ph:(731) 286-3585

Tennessee Departmet of Labor and Workforce Development

Ph:(615) 741-1031

Career Planning and Development - UT Martin

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For more information, contact:
Kameron Echols
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