Union City and the Obion County Joint Economic Development Council is grateful for your interest in the Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Center and our Virtual Speculative Building.

The Virtual Speculative Building concept is a design-driven, visually presented planning process. The concept revolves around three main incentives: lower capital investment, expedited launch for construction, and higher visibility in marketing efforts.

A lower initial investment is the most appreciable benefit, as the cost of developing a Virtual Building is approximately 1% of the cost to build. Design and planning are the main focus of the concept and include a schematic set of design drawings, permitting, and budgeting to reduce risk to potential prospects and provide an expedited launch for construction. This level of preparedness means prospects have a higher level of confidence in the community.

Lastly, because the building is virtually constructed, the program offers marketing options similar to those when a real building is onsite. These options include the ability to show the client a virtual walk-through of the building, site photos, and testimonial videos that attract public involvement within the community.


Our industrial readiness team (comprised of industrial and community leaders, engineering and construction specialists, and agency and utility representatives) is eager to join your team in evaluating this Virtual Speculative Building for your company’s expansion and relocation needs. Since it is virtually constructed, it can be easily and quickly custom tailored for your process.


The Virtual Speculative Building sits on a 40-acre parcel of the 340-acre “Select Tennessee” certified Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Center. To achieve the "Select Tennessee" certification, the site underwent a rigorous evaluation process that thoroughly examines all facets of industrial readiness. In addition to the certification, the park’s status as a “Foreign Trade Zone” gives it a broad and diverse appeal.

Building Info

While any facet of the Virtual Speculative Building’s design criteria can be adjusted to meet project requirements, the following design characteristics were used to narrow budgetary and scheduling parameters:

  • Total footprint of 105,000 SF (100,000 SF process space + 5,000 SF office facility)
  • Pre-engineered building design with a 30’ X 80’ structural column bay
  • Hybrid exterior wall assembly comprised of an 8’ high masonry wainscot, with metal panels above
  • Five shipping docks
  • Five receiving docks
  • Two 12’ x 12’ drive-in doors
  • Truck staging area, employee parking, and visitor parking
  • 40-acre site with additional adjacent acreage available


The Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Center is fully quadrimodal, benefitting from access to interstate highways, railways, airports, and seaports. The park is adjacent to Highway 51 and Interstate 69, which is currently under construction. Two airports are in close proximity, with Everett-Stewart Regional Airport being less than a 10-minute drive and Memphis International Airport being about a two-hour drive. An expandable rail spur is located adjacent to the site, and the Port of Cates Landing is only 30 miles from the site.


The Select Tennessee certification process affirms that Union City provides a range of utility services at a quality and capacity that is readily adaptable to any industrial need. In addition to staple services like water, gas, and electricity, Union City is ready to facilitate data and communication services for the Virtual Speculative Building to match your requirements.


The Select Tennessee certification process includes rigorous environmental studies, thus clearing the site for industrial development. These studies are available for review.


The advantage of a Virtual Speculative Building over an existing building is the adaptability afforded by a virtual design. With a Virtual Speculative Building, the entire process of building a facility, except for the actual construction, has been completed. By doing so, we’ve locked in a budget and schedule, which can be cost-effectively custom-tailored to your process without the added burden of demolition and renovation.

Additional Information:

For additional information, click on the pdf links below.

Virtual Building Specification Technical Info 

C2.0 Layout Plan

C3.0 Grading Plan

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