Located just south of Union City, Rives was originally known as Troy Station. Settlers from South Carolina first came to the area in the 1820's and by the 1850's the town was flourishing because of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. Rives has a rich railroad history and at one time the town had several hotels to serve the passenger trains that traveled the area.


Important Information

Mayor: Stan Powell

Address: PO Box 24
Rives, TN 38253

City Hall: (731) 536-5689

Post Office: (731) 536-5790

Fire: (731) 536-6321

Gibson Electric: (731) 536-5920

Water/Sewer: (731) 536-5689

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Today when you drive through Rives you will experience first hand small southern town charm. The Obion River runs through part of the county, and is known as a mixture of bottomland hardwood forest and cropland for waterfowl management. Some of the more common wildlife to spot include Wild Turkey, White-tailed Deer, and, in winter, waterfowl abound. Edge species, such as Indigo Bunting, are common in summer in addition to resident birds.