Discover a natural world of wonder with a scenic driving tour through Obion County.

Our tours showcase a breathtaking panorama of gently rolling hills blanketed in forests and carpets of lush green fields, unveiling a whole new experience around every corner.

While driving between communities, take in the earthy smell of fresh hay and freshly cut grass in the summer and charming views of apple orchards in the fall. Keep your eye out for fresh fruit and vegetable vendors at roadside markets along the way.

A perfect way to end your tour is with a visit to Reelfoot Lake and a walk on one of its many boardwalks which meander through majestic cypress trees. A paradise for nature photographers, the 25,000-acre lake harbors almost every kind of shore and wading bird as well as golden and American bald eagles.

Driving Tours in Obion County and Surrounding Areas

Mississippi River: Memphis to Reelfoot Lake

This 166-mile drive follows the Mississippi River north from Memphis, occasionally dropping off Chickasaw Bluffs into the floodplain of the river and ending at Tennessee's only large natural lake. The Plateau of West Tennessee ends at Chickasaw Bluffs, a series of headlands standing 200 feet above the Mississippi floodplain.

The river beyond forms the western boundary of the state. The Chickasaw Indians lived along the river bluff, which stretches along the floodplain of the river north to south through the state. In 1818, Andrew Jackson and Isaac Shelby negotiated the purchase of these lands in what came to be known as the Jackson Purchase. The county in the southwest corner of the state was named for Shelby. The following year, Jackson, along with John Overton and James Winchester, founded the town of Memphis. As the western part of the state developed, the Mississippi River became a primary transportation route, and Memphis became an important inland port. The river also proved to be an invasion route instrumental to Union forces during the Civil War.

Special Attractions: Mud Island River Park, Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park, Covington, Alex Haley Boyhood Home, Fort Pillow State Historic Park, Reelfoot Lake, historic homes and buildings, scenic views, fall color, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing.

Railroad, Teapots, & David Crockett: Jackson to Union City

This drive follows the route of a branch of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad north from Jackson for 55 miles, passing through David Crockett country and several historic towns.

Much of the community organization and history of West Tennessee was determined by the railroads. Communities congregated at rail junctions, and the economy grew with this faster transportation system that allowed farmers to ship their crops more efficiently.

David Crockett, who had made a home for himself in West Tennessee, played a key role in local politics and folklore. In later years, the region benefited from his collection of furniture and tools from the 1800s, which are now showcased in the Davy Crockett Cabin in Rutherford, TN, as well as the collection and donation of other fine art, agricultural artifacts, and teapots exhibited in museums along this drive.

Special Attractions: Jackson, Humboldt, Trenton, Pioneer Homeplace, David Crockett House, Kenton's white squirrels, local farmland, and historic neighborhoods.

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