In 2020, Obion County used CARES Act funding to promote a "Happy Healthy Holiday" in northwest Tennessee. This funding was given to tourism organizations throughout the state of Tennessee. During this year's 2-day Blizzard conference hosted by Hospitality TN, one of the sessions was focused on CARES funding and how organizations across the state used this funding to better promote their area during Q4.

Lindsay Frilling was chosen to speak on this panel along with representatives from Visit Clarkesville and Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association. Frilling highlighted the campaign that Obion County launched and numbers that showed the success seen from the campaign, such as digital marketing success, print advertising, and Discovery Parks "Let it Glow" light show.

During this presentation, you'll have a look at regional case study Cares Act project that moved the needle. You'll also hear from partners that made a difference with their projects and how they will continue to utilize and grow these projects.

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