Hamilton-Ryker Union City Office Celebrates 50 Years

On Wednesday February 17th, Hamilton-Ryker begins celebrating 50 years of success.

What started as a small professional recruiting office managed by two friends in 1971, has become a multimillion-dollar provider of workforce solutions including staffing, training, apprenticeships, contingent workforce management services, and even federal government IT contract support.

The company was first named West Tennessee Personnel and occupied a small office space in Martin, TN. Over the past 50 years, the company has grown to over 25 locations across the Southeast region of the country. While they are still headquartered in Martin, TN Hamilton-Ryker now employs thousands of workers across the United States—from industrial facilities in West Tennessee, to data rooms in Washington, DC and oil and gas fields in Texas.

“I personally want to thank our employees, staffing associates, customers, vendors, and partners of Hamilton-Ryker for helping us make it to 50 years,” said President and CEO Kelly McCreight. “It is because of those relationships, our founders, and our tenured employees that have been with us 10, 20, and even 30 plus years, that we have made it this far.”

As a give back to the community, Hamilton-Ryker’s Workforce Development Division, TalentGro will be sponsoring “50 for 50” Earn & Learn Scholarships for new Hamilton-Ryker Associates. The scholarships are intended to provide career pathways for high school students who are 18 or older or who have recently graduated from high school; and an opportunity for others who are changing their careers and are eager to get into the Manufacturing industry. Those interested in these scholarships are encouraged to contact the Hamilton-Ryker office within their community.

Hamilton-Ryker’s diversification of its workforce management capabilities has become the main driver for the company’s future vision and direction. McCreight wants to continue growing the company’s service offerings by adding anticipated, and even unknown, workforce solutions to its suite of services. However, the company’s small-town approach and adherence to its core values will always remain its driving force.