TVA Continues to be a Driving Force for Tennessee Economy

Recently, there have been lots of discussion around the mission of the Tennessee Valley Authority and some of its operations and decisions. Holding our institutions and their decisions accountable is an important activity. It also presents an opportunity to fully explain the tremendous importance of TVA for business and industry, our citizens and their public safety, and the economic development of our state.

Over the past few years, some have called for nothing short of dismantling TVA, including the sale of its transmission lines, arguing that TVA would provide a better service if it were sold to the private sector. Any suggestion to drastically change TVA or challenge its established mission would fundamentally undermine Tennessee’s economy. TVA’s mission of service to Tennessee is still as relevant today as it was nearly 90 years ago when it was created.

Over the past seven months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire U.S. economy, TVA has proven to be a stabilizing force to the economy of the Tennessee Valley, continuing to serve its core mission.

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