Tourism in Tennessee Shattered Records with $23 Billion in Travel Spending and 126 Million Domestic Person Stays in 2019

Recently released numbers from U.S. Travel Association show tourism in Tennessee hit a record-high $23 billion in domestic and international travel spending in 2019, marking a decade of consecutive growth. Tennessee also saw 126 million domestic person stays in 2019, up 5.7 percent from 119 million the previous year.

In 2019, Tennessee outpaced the nation in all areas of travel; including tax revenue, expenditures, payroll and employment. 126M domestic person stays, up 5.7% from prior year $1.92 billion in state and local tax revenue generated Of that, over $75 million were new state and local tax dollars That revenue saved each Tennessee household $748 in taxes Travelers spent an estimated $64 million/day in Tennessee