This holiday season, we are partnering with a local employer and Main Street Union City to offer Chamber cash! Businesses that are members of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce are welcome and encouraged to accept Chamber Cash Gift Certificates for purchases of goods and services. Please review the following guidelines of the program and let us know if you wish to not participate as a “Participating Member” of the Chamber Cash Program in our upcoming Shop Local Campaign.



Who administers the Chamber Cash program?
The program is administered in-house and the Obion County Chamber of Commerce has complete control over the program and administration of the funds from it.

  • Denominations: Available in $10 increments.
  • Expiration Date: The expiration date is stamped on the certificate and is good up to the date listed.

Who can purchase them?
Our local employers can give them as bonuses, Holiday gifts, safety awards, retirement gifts and thank you gifts.

What happens when a certificate is redeemed at a member business?
When a customer presents a gift certificate to purchase goods and services, treat it just as you would if they were giving you cash. Bring the Chamber Cash into the Chamber office and you will receive 100% of the face value of the certificates. The Chamber’s intent is to keep customers shopping with and supporting our Chamber Members. The tax dollars that are kept in Obion County through this program benefit numerous programs that affect the citizens of our County.

How do customers know the businesses that are “Participating Members?”
The chamber will provide each person with chamber cash a listing with participating members. The business will also be offered a sign to display announcing that they are accepting Chamber Cash at their place of business.

Is there a fee?
No! It is considered another benefit of being a member of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce.