Young Professionals of Obion County - May 2017 Meeting

Join us for our May meeting!

When: Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 6 PM

Where: Libation Station
Discovery Park of America

Come hang out, grab a drink, and network! No business at this month's meeting, just a good time! Live music, finger food provided, cash bar available!

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May 1, 2017- There's a new group of professionals in town and they want to hit the ground running. The Young Professionals of Obion County met Thursday night for their first official monthly meeting at Poplar Meadows Country Club. The focus on the April meeting was professional development and featured two guest speakers from the Obion County Chamber of Commerce, Chamber President, Greg Dozier and Obion County Chamber of Commerce CEO, Lindsay Frilling.

Dozier message was to encourage the members to get involved in their community through the many community service clubs and activity groups in the area. He spoke about how he was a Dyer County native and had come to Obion County with no real connections. Now, as well as acting Chamber President, he serves on the board of several local organizations. He said after moving to Obion County, he had worked his way up in the community by getting involved and networking with other professionals. Dozier applauded the members for attending the meeting and showing an interest in becoming active in their community while making connections with one another. Getting involved and making connections with young professionals with like-minded goals will not only help them, but it will also help the businesses of Obion County that they represent. He emphasized that personal success is directly tied to how much effort a person puts into being successful.

When Mrs. Frilling addressed the group, she said that while she is from Obion County, she has no family connections in the area and she achieved her goals through hard work and determination. She told the group about the usual complaint about the lack of big name businesses and opportunity in Obion County. Frilling told the group that one of the main reasons growth is so limited here is due to the "max exodus" of Obion County's young adults upon graduating high school and college. "If the patrons and the work force aren't here, we will never get restaurants like Olive Garden to come here. We need people to stay here, work here, support the local businesses and return here after college to put forth the effort to make Obion County grow."

"The Young Professionals of Obion County are a group of people who's mission is to connect and grow the young talent in the Obion County area.", Chairman Lauren Tanner explained. She outlined the goals of the group as a focus on community development, professional development and social experiences. Each of those areas are very important to the group and they plan to focus on one of those three topics at each meeting. She explained that the focus of the April meeting was professional development. "Our guest speakers are leaders within the Obion County Chamber of Commerce and we have planned tonight's meeting as a networking event for our members." Tanner said the May meeting will focus on social development and be structured that way. It will be held May 25 at Discovery Park of America's Libation Station.

The Young Professionals of Obion County Chairman is Lauren Tanner, Co-Chair is Carolina Conner and Cody Martin is Treasurer.

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