Obion County is home to two different museums, both great sources of entertainment for families of all ages and interests.

Old Car Museum and Dixie Gun Works

The Old Car Museum is a division of Dixie Gun Works, a family-owned corporation organized in 1954 to supply shooting equipment, parts, and accessories to those who collect and shoot antique and replica muzzle-loading arms. On display, you can find 36 completely restored antique automobiles as well as a number of farm engines, antique car-related accessories, and an 1850's period log cabin gun shop featuring authentic tools and a Calhoun Boat exhibit.

1412 W Reelfoot Ave.
Union City, TN 38261

Phone: (731) 885-0561

Discovery Park of America

Discovery Park of America is a museum and heritage park that was created to inspire both children and adults to learn and grow.  The museum features 10 indoor exhibits with a focus on nature, local and military history, space, technology, and art and science while its heritage park contains eight exhibits situated across its meticulously landscaped 50-acre outdoor space.

830 Everett Blvd.
Union City, TN 38261

Phone: (731) 885-5455

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