Obion County will keep you busy for days on end with attractions and activities available to do as a family or by yourself. Take a day to look at the newly opened Discovery Park, located in Union City, TN, offering visitors a world-class educational and entertainment experience with more than 70,000 SF of exhibits focused on nature, science, technology, history, and art.

Or perhaps after a tour of the local museums, a round of golf, or take in a show hosted by the Masquerade Theatre is what you had in mind? Don't forget there are walking trails, bike trails and Reelfoot Lake tours for those looking more for an outdoor experience.

Discovery Park

Discovery Center has a distinctive design that is unique and futuristic in order to pique people's curiosity to explore within. The white metal and glass structure has multiple roof levels with curving features instead of straight lines to make it more unusual.

The three-level, 100,000 SF building features ten galleries with more than 70,000 SF of exhibits. The most prominent feature of the building is a 120-foot observation tower with a flagpole that stretches its height to almost 200 feet. The tower includes both indoor and outdoor observation areas and includes some glass floor panels. The observation room can accommodate gatherings of 70 people

Unearth the Past

Obion County historians have put a great effort into preserving its heritage, believing in the value of studying history, so others might be able to put themselves in that stream of time. Through a trip to our local museums, the library bulging with historic and genealogical information, or private gun and care collections, visitors can take a fascinating look back into Obion County's colorful history and those who came to be its inhabitants. We invite you to learn about ordinary people who shaped the culture of our region and discover the places where our history actually happened.

Capture the Culture

It's all here in Obion County, from local theatre and car shows to fishing tournaments and annual festivals to museums and heritage days. Add in the southern warmth and charm and you've got what makes Obion County unique.

Community Concert Association

Community Concert Association sponsors an annual series of concerts by nationally known groups and individuals. Past presentations include: The Glen Miller Orchestra, Floyd Cramer, the Mac Frampton Trio, and The Platters.

Masquerade Theatre


This is a local theatre group that presents four or more high-quality productions annually. Past productions include: The Wizard of Oz, CATS, Grease, Oklahoma, Oliver, Dearly Beloved., The Sound of Music, Annie, and Steel Magnolias. Masquerade Theatre took on the task of acquiring and renovating the historical Capitol Theatre which is located on First Street in downtown Union City.

Old Car Museum and Dixie Gun Works

The Old Car Museum is a division of Dixie Gun Works, a family owned corporation organized in 1954 to supply shooting equipment, parts and accessories for those who collect and shoot antique and replica muzzle-loading arms.  On display are thirty-six completely restored antique automobiles as well as a number of farm engines, related antique car accessories, and an 1850 log gunshop.

Golf Courses

Wynridge Golf Club LLC

800 Club Dr, Troy
(731) 536-5565

Poplar Meadows Country Club

1445 Airport Rd, Union City
(731) 885-3650

Fulton Country Club

9307 State Line Rd, South Fulton, TN 38257-7700
(731) 479-3016

Reelfoot Lake Pontoon Cruises

A popular attraction is to take a Scenic Boat Cruise on Reelfoot Lake, guided by State Park experienced naturalists. From this viewpoint you will appreciate the isalnds, flooded timbers, lily pads, and the numerous birds that call this place home. The American Bald Eagle is one of those such birds, as well as the Great Blue Herons.

Short cruises are available on weekends and holidays, which is approximately 1 hour in duration. One of the more spectacular cruises would be the Sunset cruise, and it is only available on limited basis for Saturday nights, with a duration of 2 hours.

Reservations are required. Call 731-253-9652