The National Guard can trace its origins all the way back to 1636 and is now the largest, most versatile, and locally relative branch that the Military has to offer. I'm Sgt. Bo Pate, and I am the new National Guard Recruiter for Obion County. My job is to not only introduce what the Guard has to offer to highly motivated individuals, but it also consists of being the face of the National Guard within the community and heading up any projects, partnerships, and events that the National Guard can potentially help with and be part of.

What can the National Guard do for your business? The National Guard produces some of the most well trained, professionals within the community, and these individuals only wear the uniform one weekend per month and two weeks during the summer. This means that most of our soldiers are looking for a career to go along with their part time career within the National Guard. The National Guard is also always looking for your employees that want more out of their lives. If your employees join the National Guard, they'll have access to our affordable healthcare, an extra retirement, extra income, unlimited job skills, and a way to pay for their furthered education. This takes that stress off of employers, and produces a more professional, confident, and stable employee.

What can the National Guard do for your community? The National Guard has a mission to assist its community in any way it can within the boundaries of our command. Whether it be small meetings, large events, or even development classes, the National Guard can bring something to the table. We can supply people to help during events, static displays (Equipment, Signs, etc...), and even hand outs / grab bags for events. The National Guard offers a large list of development classes that can be brought to your organization and taught to a large number of participants to help develop more well rounded individuals within the community.

What can the National Guard do for you? The answer to that is simple. It can change your life. You'll not only be the first line of defense, here at home, to protect your friends, family, community , and country, but the National Guard will also give YOU the opportunity to better yourself through on the job training, money for furthered education, part time employment, up to $20,000 enlistment bonuses for non prior service enlistments, up to $30,000 enlistment bonuses for prior service enlistments, retirement plan, affordable healthcare, and countless other benefits that come with being a member of The Greatest Team On Earth, The National Guard.

I'm honored to be Recruiting for the National Guard in the same county I was born and raised in, and I'm looking forward to being part of the betterment of our community and working alongside the people that help to keep it going. If you or someone you know is interested in what your local National Guard can do for your business, community, or YOU, I can be contacted by call or text at 731-336-0199 or you can reach me on my email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..