Everett Stewart Regional Airport Receives New Signs through USDA Grants

Everett Stewart Regional Airport began thinking several years ago and finally in 2011 the conceptual drawing was provided.

In its infancy, we hoped to try to get the funding for 3 signs, the two that we have just constructed and another sign to be located at the new Ag Site on the southeast side of the airfield.

We began the process of estimating costs and that was revised a few times over the years. The Airport Board was in agreement that we would pursue a sign project if we could obtain funding. In early 2013, we contacted USDA Rural and began the application process. In January 2014, we received word that we would receive a grant in the amount of $27,375 and the Airport would be required to match at least 50%. Without the financial assistance of USDA Rural, this project would not have taken place at this time.

The taller sign is located at the intersection of Hwy 431 and Airport Road. The smaller sign is located at the intersection of Airport Road and Airport Circle. "The signs are internally lit and I am thrilled with the final product. I think they are very elegant and provide a touch of "class" to the Airport and just in time for this year's all women's Air Race Classic!" says Jo Ann Speer, Everett Stewart Regional Airport Manager.