chamber chatterYou know some too...

It's easy to get caught up in the conversation with CAVE people.

"We need more business in town." "We need stores to stay open later." "We need more jobs for the average guy."

We need, we need, we need.

I have a solution.

What if we started helping each other out? What if we started collaborating instead of complaining?

Shop in town instead of driving to Wal-Mart in Fort Dodge 20 miles away.

Buy your any occasion gifts from the stores right here in town.

Buy your groceries right here in town.

Buy your gas here in town.

Yes, I know it's higher priced here. I also know it takes half an hour to drive where it's cheaper, I use more gas and more wear and tear on my car, risk an accident, spend more money when I am gone and I don't help my own community out.

Why don't the stores stay open later? Some do. Most will if you ask them too. They all think you're going to another larger town to shop. Because you're on Facebook telling them you are! Some of you even go into their stores and ask them to donate to your causes, yet you won't shop at their stores. They too have families to care for and bills to pay. Send an email, pick up the phone - reach out and ask them if they have what you need or if they can make a suggestion to help you out.

There are over 150 jobs right now in Webster City - for the average guy. Our unemployment rate hovers at 3%. THERE ARE JOBS! We've also got buildings for sale, in case you'd like to start your own business. Stop by the Chamber - we can help you get started with a business plan, connect you with the Small Business Development Center who can help you too. How about our city's Economic Development people? They're here to help too.

Let's work together -- let's shop from each other (yes store owners, Chamber members, business owners, local residents) -- let's shop from each other. We live in a great town! Let's make it even better. Let's support each other.

Don't be a CAVE person.

From Becky McCray with Debworks (