“Titans of the Ice Age” and “Tornado Alley” Now Showing at Discovery Park of America

UNION CITY, TENN. — Now showing at Discovery Park of America from Giant Screen Films, a leader in the large format/IMAX® industry, are two stunning films, “Titans of the Ice Age” and “Tornado Alley.”

Using the magic of immersive sight and sound technologies, these films provide guests with an inspiring perspective on the world presented on DPA’s giant state-of-the-art screen in the Starship Theater.

“Titans of the Ice Age” is an action-packed immersive portal to the great Pleistocene ice age that includes the story of a female woolly mammoth calf exposed in 2007 by the melting Siberian permafrost. Now part of the collection of the Shemanovskiy Museum and Exhibition Center in Salekhard, Russia, it’s one of the best-preserved mammoth mummies in the world.

“This film is especially relevant for our guests,” noted Jennifer Wildes, DPA’s exhibits director. “Immediately below the theater, we have on display the skeleton of an actual 12,000-year-old woolly mammoth that was found on the bank of the Istra River in Russia. Seeing the film will give our guests a greater level of context as they view our own artifacts from the Pleistocene ice age.”

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