Keisha Hooper

The Chamber has always been a great place for businesses to come with any questions, concerns, or to build a network.​‌”

Amy Keathley, Thunderbolt Broadcasting

The Obion County Chamber has been a wonderful asset to not only my position, but to my company.​‌”

The Obion County Chamber of Commerce provides the professional network and the community influence to support economic growth.​‌”

Heather Waggoner

The Obion County Chamber does an outstanding job at giving people the chance to network and learn with one another.​‌”

Donnie Walton

We are truly thankful for the hard work and dedication by Mrs. Lindsay Frilling and Ms. Katie Keathley, and are eager to assistance the Obion County Chamber in any way we can. ​‌”

Tyler Hayes

The Chamber does an excellent job at contacting or referring our office for potential clients and projects.​‌”

I commend our present board and staff for their effective work in promoting our business community. I encourage you to take time to get to know them and the good work they are about.​‌”

Sandra Hickey, Goodwill

Becoming a member or partner of the chamber here in Obion County has been a wonderful asset in the process of growing our business.​‌”

Terry Petty, Chevrolet, Inc

Do you want your business to flourish? Do you want local shoppers to take a look at your products? Well, so do we! That is why we support our Local Chamber of Commerce here in Union City, Tennessee.​‌”

David Sudberry, WLJT-DT

Join the chamber, stay in the chamber, and be active in the chamber. The collective influence of the chamber and it member will have more effect on the area than you can imagine.​‌”

John Fry, White & Associates

Lindsay and Katie along with their board do an excellent job of working for all of us behind the scenes and creating opportunities for us to extend our reach in the community.​‌”

"I stress and encourage any individual or business, new or old, to get involved with the Obion County Chamber and participate in their various functions."