Charlene Burpo

Member Name: Charlene Burpo
Company Name: Twin Oaks Technology
Position: Director Sales/Marketing

Areas of Expertise:
Professional and customer relations, business management, and event planning.

Other Interests:
I love to travel and see new places and meeting new people.  I also enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.

Why did you join the Chamber?
I have seen so many wonderful things that our Obion County Chamber does for its members and I want to be a part of them. We are very fortunate in Obion County to have a Chamber that truly wants to see its members succeed. 
Example: I really wanted to be a part of something that is so energetically involved in all the small businesses of Obion County and genuinely want to lend a hand in helping those businesses grow. I also really like the programs the Chamber offers. They are informative and quite helpful.

Why do you serve on the Board of Directors?
I am grateful to have been asked to serve as a board member for the Chamber. I am passionate about helping others grow and succeed both personally and professionally. We have many great things going on here in our county and I am excited to be a part of them.
Example: Serving on the Board of Directors allows me to give small business a voice when decisions on what direction the chamber will take come up.

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
We are very well represented by our Chamber. The Chamber helps to unify the different businesses and companies in our county. It acts as a common ground for networking and showcasing our county and its businesses in order to help with growth of the community.
Example: Assisting new, old, small or large businesses succeed and grow while allowing businesses to network with each other to increase business.