Kim Watts

Member Name: Kim Watts
Company Name: Center Point Business Solutions
Position: Chief Operation Officer

Areas of Expertise:
"Prior to joining Center Point in 2014, I had almost 14 years of experience in management, customer service, marketing, and strategic planning. In my role at Center Point, I have had an opportunity to use those skills while expanding my knowledge of HR compliance and employee training. My goal is to use my skills to help others achieve success. Whether it is my staff or a client, I want anyone I work with to feel that there was value gained from our interaction."

Other Interests:
"Being married to a coach and mother to two very active boys, spare time is rare. I do enjoy reading and just spending time with my family - never a dull moment with them! Also, I've recently begun teaching the 3 year old Sunday school class at my church and that has been a fun adventure!"

Why did you join the Chamber?
"I believe it's important to be connected to those you live and work with in your community. Also, while professional employer organizations are not a new concept, they are to this area and we knew that joining the Chamber would open doors for us to share what we do while learning about other businesses. The staff at the Chamber was eager to work with us and have been most helpful with any question we have had."

Why do you serve on the Board of Directors?
"I want to see businesses in our area grow so that more young people choose to settle down here. It saddens me to see small towns crumble when businesses and industries close. We have a wonderful community with a solid foundation for growth. If I can play a small role in building something for future generations, then it is time well-spent."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"The Chamber's role is to keep us informed and connected and then it is up to the members as to how they utilize what has been provided. And let's not forget that they are a staff of two people! Katie and Lindsay do a phenomenal job of sharing information, connecting people, and maintaining a network of valuable business resources. Whether you are a small or large or old or new business, the Chamber has something to offer."