Hadley Malone

Member Name: Hadley Malone
Company Name: Obion County Farm Bureau
Position: Manager

Areas of Expertise:
Auto Home Life Farm Commercial Insurance as well as Amenities.

Other Interests:
Hunting and spending time with my family

Why did you join the Chamber?
"I think we should all support the Chamber and its activities. They are the only organization that promotes quality of life issues for our community both as individuals and as businesses. We all do better when our community is advancing and growing."

Why do you serve on the Board of Directors?
"I enjoy staying involved and informed. I also know that if there is an issue of concern, the Chamber's voice carries much more weight that any one person can voice."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"I feel that the Chamber's role in the business community is to simply promote all aspects of living and locating in Obion County whether we are attracting individuals, businesses, or just improving the quality of life for the residents."