Attention, Obion County Chamber members! Do you know that your employees are eligible for discounted Air Evac Lifeteam memberships? Should you ever need to be flown by an AirMedCare Network participating provider, you will not have out-of-pocket expenses for the flight.

Thirty percent of Americans live in a rural area where the only solution to a time-sensitive injury or illness – trauma, stroke or cardiac event - is rapid transport to a higher level of emergency health care. Since 2010, 98 rural hospitals across the country have closed and studies suggest about 20% of rural hospitals are at risk of closure. Without access to emergency air medical services, people living in rural America will die more frequently from avoidable deaths.

Air Evac Lifeteam never requires membership to provide access to a higher level of emergency health care. A membership does, however, provide financial peace of mind. Air Evac Lifeteam is part of the AirMedCare Network – the nation’s largest air medical flight membership program. Your membership is good at more than 320 locations across 38 states.

As a member of the Obion County Chamber, your employees may purchase an Air Evac Lifeteam membership for just $65 per year. Multi-year memberships are also available.

For more information, please contact Rick Perry at 731.514.2568 OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I look forward to visiting with you about this great opportunity for your employees! Thank you!