By Caroline Gurton


Our Workforce Blog Series will be focused on resources for businesses and employers to utilize in Obion County! With a limited workforce available, it is important to be strategic and take advantage of resources to help set your business apart! ATA Employment Solutions, formerly known as Center Point Business Solutions, provides services to businesses looking to fill employee positions or expand their staff. 

I sat down with Operations Manager, Kim Watts, to learn more about the services provided from their office. Kim explained that their mission is to take the burden of human resources tasks off of business owners, so that they can spend more time focusing on their passion – their business. Over the past several years, their office has evolved to provide administrative services, consulting, advertising, and assistance matching qualified employees to employers.


How it Works:

1. ATA will work individually with you as an employer to review the qualifications and expectations of the available job position. Consultation may be required if the current job requirements are not producing an available candidate pool.

2. ATA will advertise your available positions, take applications from candidates online, and seek qualified candidates from the resumes that they already have on file. They will handle resume reviews, background checks, and interview appointments, so that all that is required of you is to interview the final selection of candidates.


Advice from Kim:

1. Be Creative. Offer incentives to attract a limited workforce to your available positions. It is important to listen to the needs of the individual candidate or employee, which may require flexibility on your end. 

2. Adapt. Priorities change between each generation entering the workforce. Employees may place a high value on time with family or may be looking for a position that will allow them to advance or fulfill a higher purpose. It is important to recognize your target audience and use value-based recruitment strategies. 

3. Always Advertise. Advertisement does not have to be costly! Social media is a free tool that is available year-round to use to your advantage. Instead of running advertisements when you have an open position, try focusing your social media on the atmosphere of your workplace. Highlight employees, share birthdays, or office lunches – let potential employees see that you have a positive morale among coworkers. This will truly set your business apart and give you an advantage when hiring new employees.

Contact ATA Employment Solutions at (731) 885-4810 or visit their website, to request a consultation or learn more. Follow job postings on their Facebook page, ATA Employment Solutions!


Disclaimer: ATA works primarily with employers to fulfill their needs and is not a job placement service for individuals seeking employment opportunities. Candidates looking for employment may apply for open positions online at