White Squirrel Entrance


By Brooke Coffey

If you have not visited Kenton, Tennessee you are missing out on one of the true hidden gems in northwest (and possibly, all of) Tennessee - White Squirrel Winery! Located on the Sanderson Family Farm, White Squirrel Winery, offers a romantic winery and vineyard, serving a variety of delicious wines, homemade soaps and candles. However, what truly sets this vineyard apart is the warm family atmosphere that envelops you as soon as you walk in the door.

In 2014, the Sanderson family founded White Squirrel Winery to provide northwest Tennessee with high quality wines made right in the heart of the region. Their wines are all made right at home in Kenton, TN using grapes grown on the 90-acre farm. The Sanderson family has created a collection that ranges from blackberry wine to red muscadine. The property includes a beautiful tasting room, outdoor patio, and romantic loft available for Airbnb getaways that overlooks the grapevines. The view of the vineyard from the beautifully crafted wood building is truly breathtaking.

White Squirrel Winery not only provides wine to the northwest Tennessee region, but is one of the largest grape suppliers in all of Tennessee! Growing over 180,000 pounds of grapes yearly, the Sanderson farm grapes are used in popular wines such as those at Arrington Vineyards in Nashville.

So why the name White Squirrel? Surprisingly enough, Kenton Tennessee is home to the largest concentration of albino (white) squirrels in North America! The white squirrel has become the towns “mascot” as you are likely to see one running around if you spend much time visiting. Kenton even has a yearly white squirrel festival. The winery name pays homage to the incredible town and people that you will find there, reminding the Sanderson family of their roots.

It’s safe to say that White Squirrel is a must see when making your way through the great state of Tennessee. For more information, to plan your private event at the winery or book an Airbnb getaway, visit whitesquirrelwinery.com.