By Caroline Gurton


Walking into Vine + Branch, the first thing you will notice is the fresh atmosphere – not only from the flowers, but the bright and colorful hand-picked gift items you will see lining every shelf. From home décor to Buff City products, cute graphic tees and everything in between, this store has the perfect gift for any occasion!

Lai Ann Mitchell, the owner of this quaint little shop, has had a long history in the gift shop business and has loved getting into florals over the past few years. After owning her own shop, then leaving to work in another position, she eventually decided she missed wrapping presents and was eager to open up a shop! Back in 2018, Lai Ann bought the storefront formerly known as Cissy’s in Fulton, KY. She decided to make it her own by creating a new brand, Vine + Branch, and spent time learning to craft floral arrangements – the heart of her small business. In 2020, she saw the opportunity to expand her small business into Union City and took a leap!

Vine + Branch on Instagram -

Vine + Branch on Instagram |

Lai Ann Mitchell (left), Owner of Vine + Branch

Lai Ann Mitchell (left), Owner of Vine + Branch

Lai Ann loves serving our community through her shop, and one of her favorite things about her job is visiting market to find new products that she can bring home to her customers. She loves the excitement surrounding a new product or brand and wants those that visit her store to share in that excitement! One of the most rewarding parts of her job, Lai Ann says, is honoring the lives of loved ones – especially when she gets to do something unique or add a personal touch that makes an arrangement or spread that much more special. 

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Vine + Branch offers delivery services for flowers, gifts, and gift baskets! They also recently began a wedding and baby registry in their Union City location. If you are an upcoming bride or expecting a little one, this is a great local option for you! They offer traditional floral arrangements and funeral work services, and love to add personalization to any order.

Be sure to stop by if you are local or visiting the downtown area at 319 S. 2nd St. in Union City, TN. You can also contact the store at (731) 599-5080 or visit their website: