Promethean Foundation

By Brooke Coffey


I had the privilege of visiting the Promethean Foundation and speaking with the wonderful people who make everything happen! The very first thing I noticed as we began talking was that they have a strong passion for what they do. This foundation has a group of people behind it that care deeply about quality education for all children in Obion County. 

The Promethean Foundation is a great asset to Obion County, TN. ​It is the mission of the foundation to help “at risk” pre-school children needing an opportunity to reach their learning potential, by providing scholarships to cover the entire cost of attending high quality childcare centers in Obion County.  The goal of the program is to achieve educational excellence in academic and character development. So how did the foundation begin and get its name? 

Prometheus, a character from mythology, gave fire to man enhancing man’s intellectual awareness.  It was the name chosen for this foundation because it describes the intent to bring intellectual awareness to very young children of Obion County, Tennessee.  The Promethean Foundation was created in 2004 as a result of the generosity of the Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation.  This non-profit foundation is under the direction of The Union City Rotary Club, who is charged with the responsibility of creating a Promethean Board of Directors to govern the mission of the foundation.  The foundation serves children birth to five years of age. 

Overall, I learned quickly how incredible this organization is. I visited their website after my visit and was again impressed by how they spotlight adult pro kids. I loved reading their quotes! If you are interested in learning more about the Promethean Foundation, visit their website at