Brooke Coffey

Hey everyone!

My name is Brooke Coffey and I am a 22-year-old who loves new experiences and being around people! In February of this year, I became the Community Relations Director for the Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation. Growing up and going to college in small towns has given me a deep love for community and all that it brings. Small town feel is something that is so very special. The next adventure, Obion County, TN!

This blog is all about getting an inside view of what Obion County is all about. My hopes are that you fall in love with Obion County the way that I have, and that you gain a better understanding of what makes it so great, the people! Throughout this blog, I will be talking with passionate community members. They will be small shop owners, restaurant owners, community activists, and more! I can’t wait to share a piece of the connections made with you all.


I can’t wait to begin this journey, are you ready?!