By Brooke Coffey


Today I was able to visit the beautiful Reelfoot Lake, nestled in northwest Tennessee.  With a rich history and tradition, lake draws tourists every year to experience hunting, fishing, festivals, and eagle spotting. To get the full lake experience, my friends from Reelfoot Lake Tourism Council and Reelfoot Lake State Park took me on an eagle tour around the lake! You are almost guaranteed to spot a number of beautiful birds when exploring the area (We saw 27 on our tour!). 

The history of Reelfoot Lake is unlike most. The 15,000 acre lake was created by a series of violent earthquakes in 1811-1812 that caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards for a short period of time, creating Reelfoot Lake. The ecosystem of the lake is unique as it is a flooded forest. While huge Cypress trees rise above the water, below the surface are many submerged Cypress stumps. A variety of aquatic plants and flowers occupy the shoreline and the shallow water. The lake harbors almost every kind of shore and wading bird. 

Reelfoot Lake is full of unique experiences. To start your day, go on a guided fishing or hunting trip. The shallow lake is attractive to those looking for a relaxing day of casting on the water or a duck hunter looking for an exciting morning hunt. After the morning excursions, be sure to dine at local restaurants for a delicious catfish dinner. Some favorites include Blue Bank Fish House & Grill, Lakeview Dining Room and Boyettes. After an incredible meal, walk the boardwalks at the State Park before hopping on an eagle tour. The staff at Reelfoot Lake State Park will then take you on a one-of-a-kind eagle spotting trip. During the right season, tourists have spotted over 150 eagles on ONE TOUR! 

It is needless to say that I had an amazing experience during my day at the lake. Those who choose to visit will not be disappointed. The natural beauty of the scenery and wildlife will leave you speechless. What a special place! 

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