Natasha Pennington

Company: Center point Business Solutions
Position: HR Client Manager
Phone: (731) 885 4810

Areas of Expertise:
Human Resources.

Other Interests:
Fishing, hiking, traveling, & anything outdoors or adventurous.

What made you want to become active in the chamber?
I moved to Obion County from Southern California in 2017. I wanted to immerse myself in my community to make connections as well as contribute to making our town one of the greatest places to both live & work.

Why do you serve on the Board of Directors?
I wanted to serve on the Board of Directors because I have seen all the good that the Chamber does for the community & I wanted to be a part of that. I love living & working in Obion County & I want to make a difference in our community in any way I can. Still being fairly new to the area, the chamber also allows me to make connections within the community both professionally & personally.

What is the Chambers role in the business community?
I believe the Chamber's role is to help support new & existing businesses as well as provide networking opportunities. The Chamber helps attract & retain businesses & continues to strive to make Obion County a great place to live, work, & visit.

What piece of advice would you give to a business who was thinking about joining the chamber?
I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Chamber. I think it is important for a business in Obion County to be community minded. Being a small town, I believe the people here really want to support local businesses and the Chamber can help be a shining light. The Chamber goes above and beyond and they are truly passionate about what they do.