Sara Boyd

Member: Sara Boyd
Company: Sullivan Dentistry
Position: Marketing Director

Areas of Expertise: "I am a graduate of UTM. I have worked in the field of dentistry for the past 8 years at Sullivan Dentistry. I have learned many things from the clinical side to the business side of dentistry. As my current title in Marketing I have gained many skills in customer service, sales, and all types of marketing. Through my commitment in my profession to Sullivan Dentistry I have learned leadership skills, business management skills, along with working well with the public and coworkers."

Other Interests: "I enjoy being outdoors; any kind of sunshine makes me happy! Spending time with my golden retriever, Sam is one of my favorite things. I like family time, traveling, and also running/exercising are a few more things I love to do."

Why did you join the Chamber? "Part of my job requires me to be involved with the community as much as possible. In our small town being a member of the Chamber allows me to help our business along with other businesses grow together which in return grows Obion County. We also support the Chamber because it's an organization that offers great opportunities for not only businesses but families of Obion County as well."

Why do you serve as an Ambassador? "Serving as an ambassador gives me the opportunity to represent and be the voice of Sullivan Dentistry. Being involved in our community shows I care about my career and the future success of Obion County. My generation of young adults is the key to success for the generations to come! I am happy to live, work, and play in Obion County."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community? "The Chamber's role in the business community is to help network, promote, and progress the future success of Obion County. It is the leaders of Obion County working together to help provide what's best for residents and businesses to help the economy grow. The Chamber also keeps the community up-to-date on happenings and various opportunities that will better our future."