Dustin McBride

Member: Dustin McBride
Company: Cox Oil Company
Position: Director of Human Resources

Area of Expertise:
Human Resources, Employee Retail, Customer Service, Marketing

Other Interests:
"I enjoy spending time with my family, bowfishing and tinkering with projects."

Why did you join the Chamber?
"I joined the Chamber to network with other members of the Chamber and to support the great company that I work for."

Why do you serve as an ambassador?
"I serve as an ambassador because it was a way for me to get my foo t in the door with the Chamber and really understand its mission and purpose. IT also allowed me to meet numerous business owners/employees in the community and helped me with some ideas on how to do some things better at the company I work for. Lastly, it allows me to help in molding the community in which we live to make it a better place for our children to be raised and more enjoyable for the families in the community."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"I feel the role Chamber's role is to help sustain, support, and promote the businesses that we have, along with trying to bring new businesses in to our community. The Chamber also provides times for business oriented people in the community to network and work together on ways to grow their companies and attack oppositions."