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Downtown Union City, TN


My name is Sandra Hickey, Career Counselor for Goodwill Career Solutions in Union City.

Goodwill Career Solutions partners with many businesses and organizations for the growth and development of community members. We support, educate, and train them to obtain employment with local industry and business. We encourage and assist them to make a better life for themselves and their families right here in their own community. This venture could not be possible without the partnership and friendship of the Obion County Chamber.

Since becoming a welcomed active member of the Obion County Chamber about a year ago, Goodwill Career Solutions has grown so much that we are expanding our program and upgrading our facilties. Becoming a member or partner of the chamber here in Obion County has been a wonderful asset in the process of growing our business. The Chamber offers resources that assist even the smallest business thrive and grow. The friendships that develop with the supportive members of the Chamber are the real value. When you become an active member of the Chamber, you not only have access to valuable resources, but the members are there to support your business in any way they can.

When we became active members of the Obion County Chamber, we received a much needed benefit of the community partnership, but more important, we received the friendship and support of its members. That, my friend, is invaluable. Thank you to the Obion County Chamber for the partnership with Goodwill's mission to serve the employment needs of the community. Thank you Chamber staff for being a valued resource. Thank you Chamber members for the friendship of support that continues to help us to thrive.

Your friend and partner,
Sandy Hickey, Career Counselor

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