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Downtown Union City, TN


Donnie WaltonI am Donnie Walton, Assistant Director of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Newbern (TCAT-Newbern).
TCAT-Newbern has been training students in the Obion County and surrounding areas since the late 1960s, and has campuses in Newbern, Bells, and Union City. It is an honor and privilege to provide our area citizens with the high skilled training needed to become successful citizens in Obion County.

The benefits of our membership in the Obion County Chamber are numerous. One of the main reasons I am pleased to be an active member is because we are at the forefront of most industry visits who seek Obion County as a place to conduct business. We commonly answer questions regarding our training practices, the skilled workforce in Obion County, and what future training we can provide the industry if the choice is made to relocate to Obion County. To play a part in the continued industrial development of Obion County is extremely rewarding. And furthermore, it means the people of Obion County will have jobs available here instead of having to relocate to other areas.

With Governor Haslam's initiative Tennessee Promise, all graduating high school seniors will be able to attend a TCAT institution or a community college free of tuition and fees. With the Governor's initiative Tennessee Reconnect, adult students can attend a TCAT system for free and students who have previously received a Hope scholarship at another institution will now be eligible to receive the Wilder-Naifeh technical skills grant while attending a TCAT. These initiatives begin in 2015 and are worth mentioning because they will both positively impact the number of students who are receiving high skilled training, which in turn will positively affect Obion County's skilled workforce population. A larger trained workforce will be essential to remain competitive when industries approach Obion County seeking relocation.

We are truly thankful for the hard work and dedication by Mrs. Lindsay Frilling and Ms. Katie Keathley, and are eager to assistance the Obion County Chamber in any way we can. The entire staff at TCAT-Newbern is committed to Obion County and looks forward to our continued work with the Obion County Chamber and for the citizens of Obion County.