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heather waggonerI am Heather Waggoner, and I am a Field Representative for Congressman Stephen Fincher. I cover four counties in the 8th District including Obion, Weakley, Henry, and Carroll, and I have been in this position since August of 2012.

My role is to be the liaison between Congressman Fincher and his constituents. Therefore, it is extremely important that I be involved with the communities in my counties in order to be successful in my field of work. The Obion County Chamber does an outstanding job at providing opportunities to make this happen. Lindsay and Katie work very hard to give people the chance to network and learn with one another. They are also very diligent in making sure that the members know about current events that are occurring in the community! This has been a major benefit for me! Because of their willingness to make the community knowledgeable, I am able to attend many events that I might otherwise miss out on. I encourage each of you to take advantage of the Business Matters meetings they have each month at the Obion County Library, the ribbon cuttings that occur quite frequently, the banquets, the tournaments, Business After Hours, and the list could go on and on. The Obion County Chamber does its job in providing opportunities for each member to better themselves and their line of work. The question is whether or not we will recognize and appreciate the opportunities before us. You will not regret being involved in this great organization!

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