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Obion County and TN ECD Officials Visit Tyson Foods Headquarter OfficeAward Nomination Qualifications

Sponsorships Available:
Platinum: $1,000 (Seating for 10)
Gold: $500 (Seating for 5)
Bronze: $250 (Seating for 3)

Award Nominations Being Accepted

2015 Volunteer of the Year: Recognizing a community leader who donates his or her time to Obion County Chamber activities and other community events.

2015 Ambassador of the Year: Recognizing a community leader who donates his or her time to Obion County Chamber activities and events.

2015 Board Member of the Year: Presented to the board member who put forth extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce.

2015 Industry of the Year 2015 Business of the Year 2015 Small Business of the Year (10 or less employees) 2015 Business Partner of the Year

2015 You Made It Happen Award: Given to a business owner or manager who best exemplifies their generosity in giving time, money, staff, and/or facility for community benefit

Nominee Criteria

  1. Must be a member in good standing of Obion County Chamber of Commerce and/or the Obion County Industrial Development Corporation.
  2. Must be in business in Obion County. Recipient must work in Obion County.
  3. Must demonstrate a commitment to good and ethical business practices.
  4. Must demonstrate innovation in products or services.
  5. Must demonstrate community leadership and involvement.
  6. Must maintain a responsible and rewarding workplace environment, reflecting training and motivation of employees.
  7. Must demonstrate extraordinary customer service.

Tell us WHY you are nominating this business, industry, and/or educator (you can nominate one in each category): history of the business, its contributions to our community, extraordinary customer service, dedication, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, etc.

This is an exciting opportunity to acknowledge the important contributions made to our community. Send in those nominations! Deadline is Friday, October 16, 2015.

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